Keeping Your Pet Cool During the Summer

The Top 5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool During The Summer

By Liz Tharpe
Priority Pet Care

Summer is here and the temperature is scorching!  If you are feeling the heat then you know your four paw friend is also. Take some time to read these tips to get your pet cool and keep them that way! At priority pet care we will keep your pet cool and help you have a peace of mind that your animal is chilling out.

  1. 1. Ice Ice Puppy!- Ice packs and Ice cubes are a nice summer treat. Filling your dogs bowl with ice in the morning will keep it cool until the next fill up. Some dogs seem to like an ice cube just as much as a dog treat. 
  2. Crate Fans– Yes sports fans you need to keep your pets crate cool! Sometimes pets are left in the house for some times pet owners forget that the sun will be higher during the day and leave their best friends  crated next to a window and risk their furry friend getting overheated. A crate fan is an inexpensive way to keep your pet’s crate nice and cool.
  3. Plenty of Water– During the summer you should be enjoying fresh cold water…at least 8 ounces.  Well our pets need to consume water as well.  Keeping your pet hydrated is very important so that they don’t overheat or get dehydrated.
  4. Wind Down that Window!– Since your dog will cool down with their tongue from panting then this is a nice way to let fido know you want him to chill out.  Never wind the window down too far, just enough so that he can get his furry head out the window and enjoy the wind in his fur and flapping ears.
  5. Lukewarm not cold!- Heatstroke is possible with your pet and there are symptoms that you need to look out for. If you notice your dog slowing down, being disoriented, vomiting, lack of thirst or lethargy then you should take special caution in caring for your pets.  Although you may want to put your dog in cool or even cold water to help them chill out an Ice pack or Lukewarm water is best.

I always carry an extra instant ice pack just in case my dogs overheat while on a walk. Another thing these are useful for are if you notice someone has left their animal in the car and they seem to be in distress and need an instant cool down then this will help them out.

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